Here’s a list of our past and present programs!

Contact us if you would like to attend any of these programs.

Sept. 19, 2018
“What’s My Line” – design workshop
presented by Alice Luster

Oct. 17, 2018
Stone Walls and their Stories
presented by Barbara Austin

History can be found in the foundations of stone walls. Plants growing next to the walls, artifacts found by the walls, and even the types of rocks tell the story. Barbara will bring artifacts, colonial plants, and rocks for a hands on experience.

Location:  Riverfront Community Center

Time:  6:30m – 8:00 PM

Nov. 14, 2018
Holiday Auction

Country Gardeners of Glastonbury Garden Club will meet Wednesday, November 14th at 6:30PM in Glastonbury for a holiday auction. Creative items baked, cooked, designed or grown by members will be up for bid in a fun-filled auction with member Ann Gilnack again doing the auctioneering. The hostess is Janet Spaulding, assisted by Mary Lyons and Patti Beckett. The floral designer is Donna Now. Members will also bring gift cards from a local business to donate to Glastonbury Social Services for the December holiday season. For more information about attending the program go to

Dec. 12 or 19, 2018
Holiday dinner and Yankee Swap
at Member’s house

Jan. 16, 2019
What Is That Bug? What Is That Insect?

What is that bug? What is that Insect? Is it beneficial or harmful? Our knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, Carol Quish, will tell us about the bugs and insects which visit our gardens.

Location: Riverfront Community Center

Time: 6:30PM

Feb. 13, 2019
Shade Gardening
presented by Bruce McCue

Bruce will speak on new and classic varieties of shade perennials including natives, specialty Japanese shade pants, and hardy orchids.

Location: Riverfront Community Center

Time: 6:30PM

Mar. 20, 2019
presented by Marjorie Shnerr

We will learn tips on growing, staking and end of season care from Marjorie, President of the Connecticut Dahlia Society and long-time lover and grower of this unique, spectacular genus. Dahlias are lovely bushy, tuberous herbaceous perennial plants native to Mexico.

Location: St. Luke’s Church, 915 Main Street, South Glastonbury

Time: 6:30PM

Apr. 17, 2018

Beyond Bird Feeders

presented by Margery Winters

In a multimedia presentation , Margery will show us what we can plant in our yards to provide food to an even greater variety of birds throughout the year while promoting biodiversity in our neighborhoods.

Location: St. Luke’s Church, 915 Main street, South Glastonbury

Time: 6:30PM

May 15, 2019
Plant a Planter -Thrillers & Spillers & Killers

presented by Mary Lyons and Janet Spaulding

Please bring to the meeting a planter that will hold 3 or more plants. We will supply the potting soil. If it is a very large container, fill the bottom with empty plastic bottles or items, so the planter will not be too heavy to take home!! The club will also supply 3 plants to each person, and then you may add more if you wish that you can purchase. We hope to have 3 types: a thriller(tall), a spiller(drape), and a filler(a bright focal point). Bring gloves!  Guests are welcome to observe.

Location: St. Luke’s Church, 915 Main Street, South Glastonbury

Time: 6:30PM

Jun.19, 2019
Garden Tour and Pot Luck
Tour of a local residential garden